Configuring VPC firewalls

Configuring VPC Firewalls


In this guide, you'll learn how to configure your VPC's firewall such that Dynaboard Cloud can access it securely when developing and deploying your apps.

When using Dynaboard Cloud, Dynaboard's servers need to be able to connect to your server-side resources in order for you to use them in your apps. In many cases, such as if you are using the public API of a SaaS product, you will not need to configure any firewall rules.

However, if your server-side resources are behind a network firewall, such as a PostgreSQL database or private server API in your VPC, you will have to configure your firewall rules to allow access from Dynaboard Cloud.

Dynaboard Cloud has two outbound IP addresses that you need to add to your firewall allowlist:


The exact steps are cloud-provider dependent. You may selectively allow access to the specific ports required by your resource.


Avoid exposing private VPC resources on While this will work when connecting to Dynaboard Cloud, it leaves your infrastructure vulnerable to a wider variety of attacks.