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BigQuery Resource

The BigQuery Resource provides access to Google's BigQuery data warehouse.

Configuration Steps

  1. Open the project with the BigQuery instance you'd like to connect to in the Google Cloud Console.
  2. Copy the Project ID from the Project info card on the home page of the dashboard and copy it into Dynaboard.
  3. Open the Service Accounts page and (if necessary) re-select the project containing the BigQuery instance.
  4. Click the "Create Service Account" button at the top of the page.
  5. Enter a service account ID, name, and description. Click "Create and Continue".
  6. Add the roles BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User. Click "Continue".
    • These roles are required to allow Dynaboard to create and run queries in BigQuery.
  7. Add your email to the Service accounts admins role and click "Done" to finish creating the account.
  8. Open your newly created service account and click on the "Keys" tab.
    • Alternatively, click the more button (three dots) under Actions for the newly created service account and click the "Manage Keys" option.
  9. Click "Add Key" → "Create new key". Make sure JSON is selected and then click "Create".
    • A JSON key will be downloaded to your computer.
  10. Open the downloaded JSON key with a text editor, and copy the contents of the file into Dynaboard.
    • Secret fields (e.g. passwords or certificates) require clicking the ✓ to the right of the field to save the input.
  11. Click "Test Connection" at the bottom of the panel to verify everything works!

Common Configuration Errors

  • A secret may be unsaved (e.g. passwords or certificates). Click the ✓ to the right of the field to save it. The text will disappear after a successful save.
  • The service account may not have been created in the correct project.
  • The service account may not have the right permissions or the correct JSON key.


Environment Profiles

Default[ { 'environment': '' } ]

The profiles configured for this resource in an environment

Environment Profile


A profile of this resource for an environment


Type({ ref: string } | undefined)

The JSON key for a Google Cloud service account.

Project ID


ID of the project containing the BigQuery instance. This is optional and if empty the default project within your service account JSON will be used. Note: Does not contain spaces.



The name of the environment with which this profile is associated


Run a query scoped on the Project

Performs a query scoped on the project.

Last updated on March 28, 2023