Application Interface
Add a sidebar

Add a sidebar


You would like to add a persistent page sidebar to one or more pages of your application.


  1. In the Pages panel in the top-left, select the Page you’d like to update
  2. Scroll down to the Sidebars panel
  3. For each sidebar, choose from an existing Component or create a new one
  4. Repeat for each page you’d like your sidebar to be visible


  • Sidebars will always appear to the left or right of your page content.
  • The width of your component will become the width of the sidebar on your page. Your sidebar component will stretch to fill the height of the user’s viewport.
  • Sidebars can either be programmatically opened and closed:
// open left sidebar
$currentPage.leftSidebarOpen = true
// close left sidebar
$currentPage.leftSidebarOpen = false
// toggle left sidebar
$currentPage.leftSidebarOpen = !$currentPage.leftSidebarOpen
// open right sidebar
$currentPage.rightSidebarOpen = true
// close right sidebar
$currentPage.rightSidebarOpen = false
// toggle right sidebar
$currentPage.rightSidebarOpen = !$currentPage.rightSidebarOpen

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