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Dynaboard Raises $6.6 Million Seed to Scale Web App Development Platform

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June 16, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO– June 16, 2022– Dynaboard, makers of a new platform that provides the fastest way to build production-ready web applications, today announced that it has received $6.6 million in seed funding as it expands its private beta and begins to scale towards general availability. The round was led by XYZ Venture Capital, with participation from a number of angels, operators, and seed-stage funds all aligned around developer tools. Investors include Floodgate Fund, General Catalyst, The General Partnership, The House Fund, Abstract, Mantis (The Chainsmokers), and founders, executives, and early employees from Coinbase, GitHub, Mozilla, Color, Firebase, Parse, Robinhood, and more.

A Better Way to Build Production-Ready Apps

In today’s remote and hybrid work environments, engineers, analysts, designers, and business stakeholders can all leverage Dynaboard, the most powerful tool in the category, to collaborate in a real-time multiplayer editor to build key software. Powered by WebAssembly and multiplayer CRDTs (conflict-free replicated data types), Dynaboard enables even the smallest companies to build software that competes with that of dedicated engineering teams. Additionally, it allows advanced users to push boundaries and create something out of the ordinary.

This value proposition has clearly resonated with the platform’s earliest users. After an initial blog post about Dynaboard, which reached the #2 spot on Hacker News, thousands of prospective users agreed that building production-ready apps should be easier, joining the Dynaboard private beta waitlist.

Through the process of experimenting with early users, Dynaboard discovered a critical gap in the market between internal-only tool builders and marketing landing-page generators. 

Many users were attempting to build customer- and partner-facing applications, but they faced obstacles with cost and capabilities. Dynaboard addresses these issues with a newly announced state-of-the-art multiplayer development environment, a bring-your-own-authentication system, and a novel pricing model.

  • Real-time multiplayer application building: The platform supports live simultaneous building of an application by teammates with multiple mouse cursors and the ability to see exactly what others are editing. Similar to the Google Docs or Figma editing experience, Dynaboard users create an interactive web application instead of documents and designs.

  • Bring-your-own-authentication system: Anyone from developers to analysts can quickly build secure apps that seamlessly integrate their existing authentication systems in minutes rather than hours or days. Apps work with Google Workspace, Azure Active Directory, Okta, Facebook, Twitter, or any other OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect provider.

  • Usage-based pricing meets value-based predictability: Dynaboard’s pricing makes all application builders free while only charging for monthly active internal and external users. This alleviates the cost-prohibitive nature of seat-based tool builders that treat every user the same while also avoiding the complex multi-dimensional pricing models of IaaS providers.

“With the Dynaboard platform, you can build on top of all your existing data and services in a few clicks. You aren't burdened with a multitude of technical choices or pricing uncertainties that can stall a project. Instead, you can focus on creating something that drives business value from day one,” said Alex Kern, founder and CEO of Dynaboard. “Individuals and small teams can build immensely valuable custom software for both internal and external use without the support of a large engineering organization.”

Based on Experience

Dynaboard was developed by Alex Kern, a hacker and entrepreneur who has been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Kern founded his first company, Distributed Systems, while studying computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. While at Cal, he also started Cal Hacks, the world’s largest collegiate hackathon. In 2018, he sold Distributed Systems to Coinbase, where he went on to architect its core crypto systems, unlocking billions of dollars in AUM and enabling asset staking. 

Based on his experiences, Kern knew there was a better, faster way for more people with some technical knowledge to develop both internal and public-facing applications, even without the resources, budget, or access to key systems that are generally required. Nothing like what he had envisioned ever hit the market, so he built it himself.

“What Alex and his team have done is nothing short of remarkable,” said Ross Fubini, Founder and Managing Partner of XYZ Venture Capital. “These are not basic applications but really fantastic, rich applications that can be built in minutes or hours, rather than weeks or months. This has never been possible before, and it will fundamentally change access to software development in the future.”

To join the Dynaboard waitlist, please visit dynaboard.com.

Follow along with the Dynaboard Changelog: dynaboard.com/changelog

About Dynaboard

The Dynaboard platform was built to help companies of all sizes develop powerful, custom web apps faster than they ever thought possible. Individuals and teams can quickly build production-ready apps that extend their capabilities without competing for limited resources. The company has opened a private beta, with general availability to come in 2022. Dynaboard is backed by some of the most influential investors in and contributors to the space, including XYZ Venture Capital, Floodgate Fund, The General Partnership, General Catalyst, The House Fund, Mantis, Abstract, and founders, executives, and early employees of Coinbase, GitHub, Mozilla, Color, Firebase, Parse, Robinhood, and more. The company is remote and headquartered in San Francisco. Learn more at www.dynaboard.com.

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