✨ Dynaboard is joining Figma!

Dynaboard is joining Figma

Dynaboard is joining Figma

Written by


Alex Kern

Published on

February 22, 2024

I’m thrilled to share that Dynaboard is joining Figma.

Dynaboard aimed to bridge the gap between idea and production. We believe Figma to be the best place to continue our work. Designers and developers globally use Figma to design and build phenomenal digital products. We’ve long been inspired by their ground-breaking multiplayer canvas, their commitment to a high standard of excellence, and their fun-loving creative spirit. Dynaboard is excited to be joining Figma to magnify our impact, together.

As we integrate into Figma, we will be phasing out Dynaboard services on April 30, 2024. We have paused new registrations and billing. Our current customers will be notified via email with more information and best steps for transitioning your applications and tools.

To our dedicated customers, collaborators, and community: your enthusiasm and creativity have made this the adventure of a lifetime. We are forever grateful you made a bet on us and shared our dream of making web applications easier to build. We hope you enjoyed using Dynaboard as much as we enjoyed building it.

Happy hacking,

— Alex

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