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Principles of Dynaboard

The first creative tool for development teams.

We remember when it was fun and freeing to build on the web.
We believe it can be, again.

I started with Geocities. Then, I used Dreamweaver to FTP straight into my server. A minute or two later, and I'd be building. Dynamic applications? Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP were all that were needed.

This was how I learned to code.

Over the years, while the web exploded with a richness of capabilities to meet our expanding imagination, it also came with complexity. Web pages could no longer be static documents. User expectations shifted from web sites toward single-page, immersive web apps. Now just starting requires selecting a framework up-front, and deployment is an inescapable, multi-step, tedious process.

But most of all, we've lost the flow state we could find while creating in just one tool.

While companies today pour untold capital into IDEs for their walled gardens, there is so little attention paid to the web stack, the only truly open platform.

Dynaboard is built on the belief that it doesn't have to be this way.
We believe building on the web should be fast, beautiful, and playful.
That there is freedom in imagining the web equivalent of the solderless breadboard.
And above all, we believe it should be fun.

So fork it, ship it — and let's build the web better, together.

— Alex

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