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Scaling Dynaboard — Building Better Web Apps, Faster

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Alex Kern

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June 16, 2022

I’m excited to announce that we’ve raised $6.6 million in seed funding to continue to expand the Dynaboard platform and help you build customer- and partner-facing web apps faster. Whether you’re an engineer or one of the rapidly growing number of technically-minded folks working in product, design, ops, or BI, we want to help you build valuable applications without the traditional development and deployment hurdles.

Along with our funding, we’re announcing two new features and an updated pricing model that we’ve developed while working with our earliest users on their applications.

Real-time multiplayer

We’ve been iterating on collaborative multiplayer features to support live, simultaneous building of an application by teammates with features. It’s a similar to the Google Docs or collaborative design tools you’re familiar with, however you can now create an interactive web application instead of static documents and designs.

Bring-your-own-authentication system

Quickly build secure apps that seamlessly integrate your existing authentication systems in minutes rather than hours or days. We’re rolling out support for building apps that seamlessly integrate with authentication & authorization from Google Workspace, Azure Active Directory, Okta, Facebook, Twitter, generic OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect providers, and our own one-time PIN (OTP) system.

Usage-based pricing meets value-based predictability

We’ve consistently heard from early users that they’re looking for predictability in pricing. However, the typical seat-based license model that treats every user the same makes applications cost-prohibitive when trying to expose these apps to either partners or customers.

To support the needs of users of all sizes and types, we’ll be offering individual and team plans with a usage component based on two primary dimensions:

  • Monthly Active Premium Users: Unique users that sign into your applications using premium authentication rules including email domain and groups.

  • Monthly Active Standard Users: Unique users that sign into your applications using standard authentication rules including by email and users with no specific requirements.

We’ve also decided to have no cost for adding application builders. You can add as many editors to your projects as you would like; we only charge for end-users when you go live to production.

Pricing example

Let’s say you work for an e-commerce company, and you want to build a supplier portal that lets your vendors & internal vendor management team track what products are available for sale on your site. In this example, if you had 500 different vendors and 10 employees that sign into the application every month, you could sign up for our Team plan at $99 / month, or upgrade to our Business plan for $249 / mo and receive additional support and development features.

To see how much your application might cost, you can check out our pricing calculator.

We're Hiring!

If you’re excited about bringing low-code development to more people and more types of applications, we’re scaling both our engineering and design functions. We’re hiring for Software Engineers, Sr. Software Engineers, and a Sr. Product Designer. Drop us a line!


We’re extremely grateful to have a phenomenal set of backers who believe in bringing low-code development to more people, including XYZ, Floodgate Fund, General Catalyst, The General Partnership, The House Fund, Abstract, Mantis (The Chainsmokers), along with founders, executives, and early employees from Coinbase, GitHub, Mozilla, Color, Firebase, Parse, Robinhood, and more.

If you’d like to get your hands on Dynaboard early, make sure to sign-up for the beta, as we’re expanding it more and more over the next few weeks.

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