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Dynaboard AI for SQL Databases

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Remy Guercio

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August 8, 2023

Generate complex low-code web applications and internal tools from SQL databases in less than 60 seconds, using Dynaboard AI. Sign up today to try it out for free.

  • Generate apps from any PostgreSQL or MySQL compatible database

  • Reduce development time spent on app scaffolding — even for large SQL databases

  • Collaborate on features with the entire team in a low-code WYSIWYG environment

Application scaffolding made quick & easy 

Building applications and internal tools on top of large databases can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Until now, low-code platforms have left users dragging & dropping tables, functions, and filters over and over again, across multiple pages. 

Drag-and-drop has improved the accessibility of the development process, but for developers, it can fall dramatically short of the efficiency, power, and flexibility of code-based frameworks like Django, RailsAdmin, and React-Admin for complex databases.

We’re making it easy to get the best of both worlds so that PMs, BI analysts, and engineers from across your organization can collaborate in real-time on the development of new internal tools and B2B applications — while also keeping the process fast, with boilerplate generation solved by AI and composable UI components.

Build web apps faster with low-code & AI

Whether you're building your first or fifteenth app on Dynaboard, it's easy to get started:

  1. Select the database type you’re using and would like to have as a starting point.

    Select from either PostgreSQL or MySQL to start the generation process.
    Select from either PostgreSQL or MySQL to start the generation process.

  2. Paste a connection string of a database user that has appropriate permissions to view (or modify) the tables you’d like to include.

  3. Test the connection to ensure options like SSL are configured correctly — Passwords are securely stored as secrets inside Dynaboard, and they can no longer be viewed once saved.

  4. Select the appropriate end-user permissions — Dynaboard offers quick configuration options for authenticating, including: just you, a list of specific teammates, anyone at your organization (for Team, Business, and Enterprise workspaces), and anyone (for public facing applications).

    Connect a DB and choose authentication settings.
    Connect a DB and choose authentication settings.
  5. Generate your application — The app generation process combines LLM powered AI generation steps to build your application in seconds.

Start with a real app, not a blank slate

Easily explore your newly generated application.
Easily explore your newly generated application.

Once the generation process finishes, your application will open inside of Dynaboard’s WYSIWYG editor — ready to be deployed — with pre-built navigation, secure email-based OTP authentication, and unique pages for each underlying table — complete with filters, pagination, and sorting.

Every UI component is native to Dynaboard, and they can be styled, modified, added, and removed in a few clicks. In addition, all generated TypeScript and SQL can be directly modified or extended with new functions to fit your specific use case.

Go farther with AI generated SQL queries and graphs

In addition to generating apps, Dynaboard AI supports creating and updating SQL queries using natural language. Every query editor offers a natural language prompt and is aware of the components in your application, so you can create complex queries on your first try. Some things you can prompt Dynaboard AI with are:

  • Create a histogram of weekly partner sign ups over the past 90 days.

  • Get all partner industries as an alphabetically sorted list.

  • Get the top 10 most frequently used email domains.

  • Get a list of all users filtered by the current selection of the industry dropdown.

In addition to creating the query, Dynaboard AI will then suggest relevant charts, tables, statistics, or form elements to insert into your application.

Generate your own low-code web app

Trying Dynaboard AI’s application generation is completely free. Plans for Teams that include custom domains, organization level access control, and staging environments start @ $49 / month. Sign up or login to try it out today!

Build web apps fast with Dynaboard — the low-code web app builder made for developers.