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Data, meet Dynaboard

Connect your Airtable to data rich integrations that update in real time.

REST, GraphQL, SQL, or noSQL we’ve got it.

Use Dynaboard to easily connect with any custom REST or GraphQL APIs. Or, use Dynaboard’s PostgreSQL, MySQL, BigQuery, and MongoDB resources to quickly connect directly to your database or data warehouse.

Deep SaaS integrations.

Using pre-built integrations, easily build apps on top of common knowledge bases and spreadsheets, including: Notion, Google Sheets, and Airtable.

Build applications that respond in real-time with web-hooks.

There is much more to a Dynaboard app than meets the UI. With the ability to process and respond to web-hooks, Dynaboard applications support both entirely automated and human in the loop workflow processes.

Batteries included with KV Store.

Use Dynaboard’s key-value store to build faster by focusing on your app and not your storage. Leverage it as a cache or temporary storage to quickly process and display information.

Build web apps fast with Dynaboard — the low-code web app builder made for developers.