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Changelog 2022.11.23

Sign-in with your existing identity provider or use Dynaboard's one-time PIN system.
Sign-in with your existing identity provider or use Dynaboard's one-time PIN system.
  • 🚀  7 new features

  • 🏗  27 updates and improvements

  • 🛠  9 bug fixes


  • 🚀 Groups Based Authentication

    • We’ve added support for Google Workspace Groups and GitHub Teams to automatically restrict applications or pages to certain teams or individuals based on existing SSO group membership.

  • 🚀 One-Time Pin Email Authentication

    • Quickly secure your applications without having to integrate a 3rd-party SSO provider. Start building an authenticated private application in less than a minute with our Private App Boilerplate template.

  • 🏗 We made additional visual improvements to the authentication rule building UI to both speed up development and make it easier to spot / correct mistakes.

  • 🏗 Using a new toggle on the built-in Dynaboard console, selectively enforce authentication rules in the editor to speed up application development and testing.

Switching environments in a project using the dropdown selector.
Switching environments in a project using the dropdown selector.

🚀 Environments

On paid plans, we now offer environments support to enable software development best practices when using Dynaboard. All workspaces come with a production environment, and a number of additional environments (e.g. staging, development, etc…) can be configured based on the workspace plan type.

Using environments, every resource in your applications can be configured to swap between databases or API endpoints at the click of a button. Build with confidence knowing you can test every change before deploying it to production.

Browse and revert to earlier project revisions using Dynaboard’s built-in version control.
Browse and revert to earlier project revisions using Dynaboard’s built-in version control.

🚀 Project Revisions

If you make a mistake or discover a bug, use automatically (or manually) created revisions to revert your application to an earlier version. Revisions are supported in applications on all workspaces and automatically save the change history of your applications, so you don’t have to worry about losing unsaved changes.

🚀 Audit Logs

See the full log history of your applications. We keep track of every edit, function invocation, login, and other significant event so you can easily identify what happened (and when) in your applications. Audit logs are available on all paid workspaces with additional history being provided to higher tier plans.

🚀 Template Gallery

We’ve launched a new template gallery, as well as our first application boilerplate, to inspire you with whats possible in Dynaboard and help you build applications even faster than before.

🏗 Performance Improvements

We made performance improvements in multiple areas by reducing application size, tweaking the Dynaboard VM, and streamlining the editor. The following areas have seen performance improvements over the last 8 weeks:

  • Initial load times of deployed applications

  • Initial load times of the editor

  • Function call latency for server-side functions

  • UI responsiveness when toggling between edit and view modes


  • Component Properties

    • 🏗 Component properties now distinctly show if they have an override value, allow interpolation (i.e. using {{ }}code to dynamically set the value), or are available to be edited in an expanded sidecar editor.

  • Search Engine Indexing with Sitemap.xml

    • 🏗 We’ve improved the generation of a project’s sitemap.xml. Individual pages can now also be excluded from the application’s sitemap in the particular page’s properties panel.

  • Omnibar

    • 🏗 The omnibar is now pre-populated with recently selected components when opening an application.

  • Code Editors

    • 🏗 JSON5 syntax is now fully supported by the code editor.

  • Hotkeys

    • 🏗 Added support for ALT/OPT + [1-9] or ALT/OPT + +/- to navigate between docked property editors.

  • Miscellaneous

    • 🏗 Associated resource icons have been added to functions to improve the editing experience with large numbers of functions.

    • 🏗 On deploy developers are now automatically redirected to the page they were viewing in the editor.

    • 🏗 Improved selection state of properties panels to make it more clear which panel is selected.

    • 🏗 Sidecar editors are now supported for nested propertied (e.g. data table or chart column properties).

    • 🏗 Right clicking on the page in the editor now allows a component to be inserted in that location.

    • 🛠 Pushed bug fixes to the editor that addressed an issue where the incorrect component or page was selected when changing, refreshing, or deleting pages.

    • 🛠 Fixed an issue that caused the components panel to not scroll with large numbers of components.

    • 🛠 Improved handling around a project’s index page that help avoid accidentally breaking an application.

    • 🛠 Addressed issues where paste didn’t work as expected.

    • 🛠 Resolved an issue that caused the user not to be able to change pages in the editor if the page had previously been changed by a browser resource navigation function.


  • Custom Components

    • 🏗 Custom components now support passing functions into their properties. These functions can also call other functions outside of the scope of the component. (e.g. to trigger actions on a page)

  • Data Tables

    • 🏗 Buttons (with attached to functions) are now a supported data table column type.

    • 🏗 Minor tweaks and fixes to improve the default look and feel of the data table.

    • 🛠 Fixed a bug causing incorrect page sizes when paginating data in the data table.

  • Charts

    • 🏗 Stacked column (vertical bar) charts are now supported.

  • Text

    • 🏗 Text nodes now default to middle vertical align.

    • 🏗 Double clicking on text nodes now allows the text to be edited.

  • Dropdown

    • 🏗 The initial selected value of a dropdown can now be dynamic with interpolation (i.e. double curly syntax {{ }} ) support.

    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where the dropdown wasn’t being cleared.

    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where clearing the dropdown could cause the application to crash in certain instances.


  • GraphQL

    • 🏗 The full error body is now returned when a GraphQL function experiences an error.

  • PostgreSQL

    • 🏗 The PostgreSQL resource now supports multiple SSL Modes including Required, Verify CA, and Verify Full.

  • TypeScript

    • 🏗 Support for setTimeout, clearTimeout, setInterval, and clearInterval has been implemented.

  • TypeScript Server

    • 🏗 Passing function arguments is now supported between Typescript Server functions. Arguments can be passed normally function1("argument0") and accessed inside the function using the new $args array. (e.g. $args[0] == "argument0" with the prior function call of function1("argument0") )


  • 🚀 Dynaboard applications are now embeddable into other webpages using an <iframe> tag.


  • 🏗 Workspace deletion is now supported in the general settings tab on a workspace.

  • 🏗 Usage data is now up-to-date and available in the billing section of the dashboard for premium users, standard users, and server-side function calls.

  • 🏗 Adding a payment method is now supported on workspaces with Individual, Team, and Business plans.

  • 🛠 Fixed UI issues related to login when using Dynaboard on mobile.

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