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Changelog 2022.04.20

Running cURL to hit an HTTP Endpoint resource.
Running cURL to hit an HTTP Endpoint resource.

HTTP Endpoint Resource

Dynaboard applications can now respond to web-hooks or even expose a full fledged API with the new HTTP Endpoint resource.

From a custom slack-bot with an admin interface to a payments dashboard that updates with Stripe payment failures & reviews in real-time, build entirely new classes of workflow automation applications that would typically require integrating multiple tools.

Each resource exposes a custom URL that can be linked to any number of project functions using the TypeScript and Python Server resources. Server functions called by an HTTP Endpoint resource have an $event.request object (TypeScript) or event['request'] dictionary (Python) available to them with all of the parsed request data.

E.g. The following cURL request

curl -X POST "https://api.dynaboard.app/endpoints/6922d0f5-8283-4917-b738-61cacde11c1c/myHTTPEndpoint?testQueryParam=testQueryParamValue" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"testJSONKey": "testJSONValue"}'

would generate a $event.request or event['request'] that contains:

    "method": "POST",
    "path": "/myHTTPEndpoint",
    "query": {
        "testQueryParam": "testQueryParamValue"
    "body": {
        "testJSONKey": "testJSONValue"


Live console log output.
Live console log output.

Logging directly to the Dynaboard console is now supported using the native console.log() from TypeScript Client functions.


Opening the docs sidebar on a PostgreSQL resource.
Opening the docs sidebar on a PostgreSQL resource.

We’ve been working to improve the development experience with a new sidebar that puts documentation where and when you need it.

Clicking on the documentation button in the properties panels opens the sidebar to the relevant reference based on the selected node.

In addition we’ve also added new configuration guides for many of our resources.

Hotkey Additions

  • Ctrl: (Windows only) Hold down ctrl to switch to interactive mode in the editor. This previously existed on Mac OSX using cmd.

  • Ctrl / Cmd + Enter: Runs test function when the function editor window is open in the editor.

  • Arrow Keys: Scroll through your command history in the console using the up and down arrow keys.

Additional Updates

  • Creating a new template now provides the default template as a starting point.

  • Project import has been updated to support much larger projects of up to 20MB.

  • Grid mode now shows the grid with dots instead of lines to reduce visual clutter when laying out components.

  • Data tables have been updated to show zebra striping even when empty.

  • Functions now show loading spinners while running.

  • Resolving comments now shows a toast notification allowing for a quick undo.

  • Iterators now support CSS flex-wrap options wrap, nowrap, and wrap-reverse.



  • Notion: List databases function now only returns databases and not all documents.

  • SendGrid: Send email function no longer requires all fields to be filled out for a successful send.

  • Amplitude: Response data is now normalized for easier chart & table display.

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB: Pasting certificates no longer breaks the editor UI.

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB: Use SSL now defaults to true when creating resources.

Additional Fixes

  • Inviting users to a project no longer displays an error while successfully adding them in the background.

  • The function results panel now clears when switching between functions.

  • Removing users from a project no longer incorrectly shows a success message.

  • Renamed templates now have their updated name appear in the components panel.

  • Text in input fields is no longer always added at the end of the line when typing.

  • Refreshing the editor no longer reverts dark / light modes for users that select an option that isn’t their default setting.

  • Functions and components now properly reorder when dragged around in the side bar.

  • Property editors for rows and columns now display default pixel values instead of a blank input.

  • Iterator nodes no longer have incorrect indexing when the underlying data changes.

  • We use serif-font face for pre-renders in the application to reduce the flash effect when the correct font renders.

  • The support request field now empties on a successful submission.

  • (Firefox only) Fixed visual glitch affecting profile pictures.

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