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Turn spreadsheets, databases, and APIs into web apps with an AI supercharged low-code IDE


Build apps for customers, partners, and employees.

Dynaboard combines the convenience of a drag and drop builder, the flexibility of a code-first UI framework, and the power of generative AI. Write TypeScript or use AI to build & modify UI components that react in realtime to filters, data changes, or user input.

Internal or external. Secure your app in moments.

Secure internal or external facing apps in minutes using any existing OIDC compliant provider including: Google, GitHub, Microsoft, Facebook, and Okta. Or, use Dynaboard’s one-time PIN authentication system for even easier application security.

Connect anything.
Integrate with everything.

Dynaboard meets your data exactly where it is with no separate ETL steps or pipelines to manage. Connect directly to popular databases, SaaS apps, or any API with GraphQL or REST endpoints.



Facebook Authentication

Webhook Endpoint


Google Sheets


K/V Store


Image Transformation

TypeScript Server

User Session

K/V Store

Microsoft Authentication


MySQL / MariaDB


Okta Authentication

One Time PIN Authentication


OpenID Connect

Web3 Client




Shipping code is a team sport.

Don’t let per-seat pricing hold back your team’s productivity, every shared workspace comes with unlimited editors. Collaborate on code, pair program, divide and conquer, or debug issues with teammates in real-time. Everyone gets a live preview — don’t wait on a build to complete.

Low-code development, production-grade confidence.

Build applications you can be certain are production ready with multi-environment deployment support, automatic versioning, and easy roll-backs.

Fork a template. Start shipping.

Dynaboard has a range of templates for our community's most common use-cases.
Out-of-the-box web apps with open source code.

Custom CMS

Build a custom content management system just for your needs.

Business Intelligence

Build a data-driven dashboard on top of your own databases and APIs.

Admin Panels

Build a user admin panel to support your growing userbase.

Customer Portals

Build a personalized customer portal for your business in no time.

Approval Flows

Build a review queue to make sure your policies are enforced.

Dynamic Widgets

Build a dynamic widget to embed within your website or blog.

Build web apps fast with Dynaboard — the low-code web app builder made for developers.