Firebase Resource Node

Access Firebase Real-time Database: Query or update hierarchical, JSON-like data in a NoSQL database.

Please note: The Firebase resource currently only works with the Firebase real-time database. It does not work with either Firestore or Storage.

Configuration Steps

  1. Open or create the Firebase project you'd like to connect to in the Firebase Console.
  2. Click on the gear icon ⚙️ in the top left corner of the the project overview page followed by "Project Settings".
  3. Copy the Project ID and Web API Key from the Your Project section and paste them into the appropriate fields in Dynaboard.
    • Secret fields (e.g. passwords or certificates) require clicking the ✓ to the right of the field to save the input.
  4. Return to the project overview page and click on "Real-time Database" in the side panel.
  5. Copy the real-time database URL from the dashboard and paste it into Dynaboard.
    • Real-time database URLs generally follow the format:
  6. (Optional) If you only want to access public data, you do not need to provide a user email and password. However, if you'd like to access private data, return to the project overview page and click on "Authentication" in the side panel.
  7. To provide authenticated access to Dynaboard you'll need to have email/password based authentication enabled.
  8. Once enabled you can create a dedicated user for Dynaboard and copy over the credentials.
  9. Note: Filling in the Storage Bucket Name in Dynaboard is not currently supported.
  10. Once you're done, click "Test Connection" at the bottom of the panel in Dynaboard to verify everything works!

Common Configuration Errors

  • A secret may be unsaved (e.g. passwords or certificates). Click the ✓ to the right of the field to save it. The text will disappear after a successful save.
  • Depending on your setup ensure that either the appropriate account or public users have the ability to access the data you're trying to query / update / insert.


Database URL


Full database URL, region-dependent.

Project ID


"Project ID" in Google's project settings.

Web API Key

Type({ ref: string } | undefined)

"Web API key" in Google's project settings.

User Email


Email of the authorized user.

User Password

Type({ ref: string } | undefined)

Password of the authorized user.


Query Data

Fetches data from Firebase according to conditions.


Insert or Update Data

Inserts or updates a subtree at a given path.


Delete Data

Deletes a subtree at a given path.